MechaTronix Grow Light

Technology behind LED Grow Lights

Once you have your spectrum right matching your crops and growth stage, you have decided on your needed DLI and resulting PPFD and hours of lighting, at that point there is one thing what makes major difference between remaining LED grow lamp producers, and that’s technology.
Technology determines how many micromoles per second per meter you are really going to get per dollar or euro of cost.
Technology tells you what the real life time of your LED grow lights is going to be, and how many light decay you can expect over time.

Technology determines how much of the created active photons are going to land on the place where you need them, and how much of that energy gets spilled on not needed surfaces like the sides of your greenhouse.

To let you experience how technology works and what are the effect on LED grow lights we are going to lead you through the various factors and facts you might want to know.