Grow Room LED Grow Lights

Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights

Plant Factories, Vertical farms, Indoor Farming,… either fully automated or manual, their success in many cases depends a lot on the ideal LED grow light solution.

LED as technology fits of course ideal with the basic needs of multi-layer vertical farming.
Few heat allows limited space between the lamps and the crops leading to a more efficient space occupation.
Much lower power consumption compared to traditional light technologies has made that plant factories today are almost uniquely equipped with LED grow lights to reduce the operational cost.

While most of the LED grow lights bars look rather similar, the differences couldn’t be bigger…
For those who have been running a vertical farm already for a few years it is all crystal clear today – it is all about healthy plants, your capex and opex!

Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights

The CoolGrow® Linear

“A linear LED grow light bar full of surprises” this is how you best describe the CoolGrow® Linear.
Besides a market leading light efficiency, this vertical farming grow light platform is foreseen from a bunch of sophisticated features and options what makes implementation in your farm so much more practical.

CoolGrow® Linear

Light spectra in function of your goals

A “one spectrum server all” is never the ideal approach.
Mimicking the sun light maybe will deliver you healthy plants, but in most cases comes with an operation expense on electricity consumption which is completely unrealistic.

Therefore we have developed a wide score of grow light spectra for plant factories, each with its specific purpose and with an absolute balance between targeted plant growth and optimal light efficacy.

MechaTronix LED grow light recipes spectrum & application
Recipe nameSpectrum composition percentages Description
5RW87%R 13%WHigh Generative – higher white rate for visible inspection - Ornamentals / cannabis flowering / tomatoes / strawberries / …
5RBW89%R 6%B 5%WGenerative – open crop production – Ornamentals / cannabis flowering / tomatoes / strawberries Juneberry / blackberries / …
5RB2FR84%R 7%B 9%FRGenerative – flowering induction – ornamentals / strawberries everbearer / blackberries / …
4RBW81%R 13%B 6%WMedium Vegetative – compact crops production – leafy greens / herbs / propagation
3RBW74%R 18%B 8%WHigh Vegetative – cuttings – rooting – seeds – young plants
4R2B3W75%R 9%B 16%WFull spectrum / wide spectrum – wide application range – easy plant balance at high light intensities

Different regions of the wavelength in the illuminaton spectrum have different effects on the plants:
Wavelength range [nm]PhotosyntesisFurther EffectsFurther EffectsFurther Effects
200 – 280

280 – 315

315 – 380

380 – 400Yes

400 – 520YesVegetative growth

520 – 610SomeVegetative growth

610 – 720YesVegetative growthFloweringBudding
720 – 1000
GerminationLeaf building and growthFlowering
> 1000
Converted to heat

Multiple power and light levels for an ideal match

CoolGrow® Linear 60

Photon Flux up to 193µmol/s per bar
  • For higher light levels > 200μmol/sm²
  • Up to 10 bars in daisy chain
  • Best deal €/μmol

CoolGrow® Linear 40

Photon Flux up to 131µmol/s per bar
  • For low to medium light levels
  • Up to 15 bars in daisy chain
  • Ultra high light efficiency


Market leading light efficacy

A specific spectrum is not only important for specific growth results.
It also allows you to work at an absolute maximal light efficiency, which at the end determines more that 50% of you annual costs to grow in a vertical farm.

The impact of light efficiency is in many times seriously underestimated.
See the year-round production with continuous lighting, the efficacy of the grow lights is even more important than in a greenhouse.
Take an average crop with 16 hours of light per day, that makes roughly 5800 burning hours of your lamps in a full year.

Numbers tell more than words…
A canopy with lettuce – light level 200μmol/sm²

  • Lamp 1 - Light efficacy 2.3μmol/J
    You will consume 86.96 watts per m² per hour
    Annual consumption per m² = 5800hrs x 86.96W = 504KW
    At a cost of 10 cents per KW that makes 50.4€ per m²

  • Lamp 2 - Light efficacy 3.2μmol/J
    You will consume 62.5 watts per m² per hour
    Annual consumption per m² = 5800hrs x 86.96W = 362.5KW
    At a cost of 10 cents per KW that makes 36.25€ per m²

    Take in account that a square meter of canopy at 200μmol/sm² light level costs you around 120€.
    That’s 17.14€ per m² if you depreciate it at 7 years.


The focus in lighting for vertical farming should clearly be at the opex and energy consumption side, more than on the capex and depreciation.
Just on energy you see already that system 1 compared to system 2 cost you 14.15€ per square meter per year more on energy, that’s a 39% higher energy bill.

pdf-iconCoolGrow® Linear - The unique grow light system for multi-layer plant cultivation