Tomeco and Mechatronix form partnership

31 August 2020

Tomeco is the collaborative effort of several experienced Belgian family-run businesses to grow the best possible specialty tomatoes with the utmost respect for nature and the environment. Within the Tomeco group, the growers share their experience, values and vision: to deliver a sustainable and customer-oriented high quality product.

Horti LED grow light

Tomeco consciously invests in the development of people and infrastructure, as well as in innovative new technology contributing to the optimization of every aspect of cultivation. As a result of this vision, Tomeco has entered into a partnership with Mechatronix in a project that will be rolled out in the entire Tomeco group.

LED hybrid system

The existing lighting is being replaced by a state-of-the-art LED hybrid system with a much higher efficiency. This will generate up to 40% more light intensity with the same energy input, leaving an unprecedented low ecological footprint per square meter of plants. Furthermore, the LED lights are adaptable, allowing Tomeco to respond to the needs of the tomato plant with a precisely developed light recipe, specifically tailored to the variety.

This results in a superior, increased and more reliable tomato production all year round, as the growth process of the plant is easier to control and the time to plant is much more flexible. Buyers will find an even more consistent partner in Tomeco.


Sustainability is an important part of the project; the LED lights last 5 times longer than the existing lighting. The improved efficiency means less energy is required to produce the same amount of tomatoes and less unusable heat is generated.

CO2 emissions are reduced, and the existing acreage can be used more efficiently, which in turn slows down the increasing need for expansion and also benefits the social aspects of glass construction.

The scope of these LED lights has huge potential. Working together, they create a 'smart growing' network, contributing to the sustainable and future-oriented cooperation between Mechatronix and Tomeco.

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