Research into bulb cultivation in greenhouses or growing chambers

17 November 2022

In order to be able to produce clean starting material for the cultivation of bulbs, we’re looking at how we can produce flower bulbs, which are traditionally grown outdoors, in greenhouses or growing chambers. That way we can keep viral and bacterial diseases at bay in indoor cultivation.

Horti LED grow light

Because indoor cultivation is relatively expensive, we’re also looking to see if accelerating the cultivation is possible by controlling bulb growth with specific LED spectrums. Following such a trial, with indoor cultivation of daffodil bulbs under three different spectrums, the bulb are further grown outdoors, in the open field, in order to research any potential effects on this follow-up cultivation.

Flowering earlier thanks to LED lighting

All bulbs under the LED spectrums came up a lot earlier, and also flowered quicker. This isn’t desirable, because it increases the chance of the bulb plants freezing in the field during times of late frost. Coming up early can be interesting for the production of bulb flowers though, in pots for instance. The Public Private Partnership named Fundamental System Leap, which this research is part of, is co-financed and managed by a consortium of thirteen partners. These are: KAVB, Anthos, Wageningen University & Research, Hobaho, Kapiteyn, Prins, Iribov, foundation Dunamo, Agrifirm-GMN, BQ Support, Greenport Duin & Bollenstreek, Bollenacademie and Rabobank Nederland.

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