MechaTronix Grow Light


Over the past years, MechaTronix has invested in numerous research projects with their LED grow light technology.
Today, almost all plant research centers in Belgium and the Netherlands are equipped with their advanced grow lights.
From LED top light systems with a fix light spectrum all the way to the first global greenhouse installations with full dynamic spectrum controls.

Projects - cucumber

MechaTronix has always focused on specializing, making the best grow light with the highest efficacy and longest life time is sometimes not enough.
By understanding the crop in depth, new systems can be developed with higher gains for the grower.

When tomato growers make the move from growing with HPS SON-T lamps to LED or hybrid, they might not look for an equivalent to replace their 1000 watt SON-T lamps and receive the same light level while saving some energy, but they are most of the time looking at how to increase their overall light on the tomatoes and, as a result, increase their harvest for the same amount of energy they have available.
While the whole market was focusing on 600 watt LED grow lights that produced the same level of light as a 1000 watt SON-T, we developed a 1000 watt LED grow light producing 70% more light.

When strawberry growers decide to go for complete year round production, we, as a grow light manufacturer, have to keep the future in mind.
Winter strawberries are today maybe a niche, but the market is growing.
This also means that strawberry winter prices might decrease in the future.
Therefore, we developed the CoolStack Boost which reduced the investment cost for strawberry growers by 25% compared to the classic LED grow light systems and brought the energy consumption down by an extra 15%.

In this chapter, you will discover a bit of what we do with our grow lights on various crops and plants.
Keep in mind that this is just a small fraction of the projects we do, would you have any specific questions on crops and light strategy, please reach out to us.


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