ProefCentrum Hoogstraten - paprika under LED grow lights

07 September 2018

Who cultivates paprika in the west side of Europe for sure knows the Research Centre Hoogstraten (PCH) in Belgium.

Research Centre Hoogstraten (PCH) is located in the north of Antwerp in the middle of an important horticultural area.
Since its foundation in 1955 the centre plays an active role in the development and growth of the horticulture in the region and abroad.

Horti LED grow light

paprika under LED grow lights

A team of 42 professionals run over 160 plant trials per year with specialization in greenhouse cultivation techniques for strawberries, tomatoes and paprika.

In the light of innovative new cultivation methods, MechaTronix and the PCH started an advanced trial on paprika growth under LED grow lights.
The trial runs from October 2018 onwards.
Various light level intensities are created in the greenhouse ranging from a PPFD of 80µmol/sm² all the way up to 280µmol/sm².

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