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    Sonsation strawberry trial shows great results – Delphy soft fruit conference

    From September 2nd 2018 the HAS University of Applied Science in the Netherlands was the scene for an innovative plant trial on Sonsation strawberries.
    January 11th 2019 the trial was finalized and concluded with a visit of the ISFC International Soft Fruit Conference led by Delphy.
    An early start and a busy day… 190 visitors all in some way related to strawberry cultivation visited the HAS greenhouses at 7.30AM to witness the outcome of the strawberry trial under various lighting techniques.

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    BCO Bromelia, Plant Lighting, Botany and MechaTronix cooperate on plant balance Bromelia trial

    A good example of the wide interest of MechaTronix in the specialization in a broad crop variety knowledge is this advanced plant balance trial on Bromeliads.
    In this trial the BCO Bromelia, a division from the LTO Glaskracht, Plant Lighting, Botany and MechaTronix cooperate on finding the ideal growth circumstances to grow bromeliads in the Netherlands and Belgium in a greenhouse environment.

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    ProefCentrum Hoogstraten - paprika under LED grow lights

    Who cultivates paprika in the west side of Europe for sure knows the Research Centre Hoogstraten (PCH) in Belgium.

    Research Centre Hoogstraten (PCH) is located in the north of Antwerp in the middle of an important horticultural area.
    Since its foundation in 1955 the centre plays an active role in the development and growth of the horticulture in the region and abroad.

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    MechaTronix and HAS Den Bosch run advanced grow light trial on Sonsation Strawberries

    The HAS University in den Bosch The Netherlands is one of the most famous universities in Europe when it comes down on horticulture and applied science knowledge.

    In their own professional greenhouse facilities they cultivate a wide variety of crops.
    Since September 2018 the HAS and MechaTronix partner on assimilation light trials for strawberries.