MechaTronix and HAS Den Bosch run advanced grow light trial on Sonsation Strawberries

01 September 2018

The HAS University in den Bosch The Netherlands is one of the most famous universities in Europe when it comes down on horticulture and applied science knowledge.

In their own professional greenhouse facilities they cultivate a wide variety of crops.
Since September 2018 the HAS and MechaTronix partner on assimilation light trials for strawberries.

Horti LED grow light

Sonsation Strawberries

In a first plant trial strawberries from the Sonsation cultivar are grown under both SON-T HPS lamps and de CoolStack® LED lamps from MechaTronix.

Sonsation has been developed by the Flevo Berry breeding program and is a rather new cultivar which produces bright red berries with an intensive gloss.

In the trial both with HPS and LED the PAR light level PPFD is set at 200µmol/sm² as there is a strong upward tendency to cultivate under higher light levels.

The plants went in the greenhouse on September 3rd.
All parameters like harvest, brix, vitamin C, ambient conditions etc are logged by a dedicated team of the HAS.

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