Lettuce grower Hofmann receives full package in new greenhouse

30 June 2021

Horticultural projects are spring up all over Germany. Good news for Trintech, as the installation company, has plenty of work to do. Managing Director Albert van Dam talks about various new projects from lettuce and cucumbers to a trip to an endive farm.

Horti LED grow light

Various parties are involved in a project like this. "That demands a lot from us organisationally, but also from another corner, to coordinate everything properly."

For example, Albert mentioned a 2.5 ha project the company is currently working on: Hofmann in Fürth. "That is a multidisciplinary project, in which we do the lighting, the entire water technology installation with disinfection and everything that goes with it, and electrical engineering, including Hoogendoorn climate computers. There will be an iSii in it; the grower already had one in the existing cultivation, and the new one will be linked to it."

But that's not all: a fully automatic spray boom of the FullMat type will be supplied via sister company Luuktech, and also a service trolley for above the plants, which the greenhouse builder can use, but can also be used by the grower himself to, for example, clean the lamps, carry out repairs, or scout out plants, is part to the total package.

Boostable lamps

One of the components supplied as part of the total package is the MechaTronix lamps. These are not only dimmable but also'boostable', Albert explains. "They are standard 1050 W, but we can 'boost' them to 1200 W for six weeks a year, giving us more light to cure the last heads of lettuce cultivation."

Unconventional disinfection

This is also a special project in terms of water technology. Because of the large amount of water that is pumped around, conventional disinfection is difficult to fit into the system. "We are therefore opting for active carbon filters. The disadvantage is that this takes the iron out of the water, and we have to add it back."

The reason for this choice is because cultivation takes place on a potting soil-like substance. This creates a lot of suspended dirt, which makes UV difficult. "And becuase the capacity is very large, the operating costs with conventional disinfecction would become very high."

The project will be completed in October. Then it will be'turned on'. Six weeks later, the first heads of lettuce can be harvested.

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