LED lighting for strawberry cultivation

06 April 2022

Recently, an LED lighting installation was put into operation at Van Dingenen nursery in Merksplas (B) in a greenhouse for the cultivation of strawberries. The engineering of the lighting project with Mecha-Tronix fixtures and the electrical installation was carried out by Bosman Van Zaal.

Horti LED grow light

Year-round culture

LED lighting for the cultivation of strawberries is becoming more common, so that cultivation can be done all year round. You can choose between an early and a late cultivation, a winter cultivation or a combination of both. During winter cultivation, the day is extended to 12 hours, so that the cultivation does not go into winter dormancy and continuous harvesting can take place.

Dimming of light

The LED lighting at Kris van Dingenen is dimmable. In the months with sufficient light, the lighting can be adjusted so that the plant always receives an optimal amount of light. You can opt for more or less light for each growth phase. And when energy costs rise, you can choose to dim the light to save on energy.

A good balance between the right light spectrum for lighting and the right intensity is of the utmost importance, both technically and financially. Too little light quickly leads to lower production, flower abortion, smaller fruits and a more difficult plant balance. With too much light both investment costs and operational costs increase.


Bosman Van Zaal's PLC was used to protect the LED installation against exceeding import power, programmed in-house and intended to control the processes. For example: if the CHP for energy generation fails during lighting, the lighting will be immediately switched off by the PLC. During normal operation, star-up/shut-down of the exposure will take place step by step to avoid voltage fluctuations.

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