MechaTronix Grow Light

An introduction

Our Core Mission

With its headquarter in The Netherlands, production facilities in The Netherlands and Canada, and high-end R&D hubs in New Taipei and Kaohsiung Taiwan, MechaTronix leads the world of advanced LED grow lights. As part of the 8 Lakes group with headquarters in Breda The Netherlands the company combines the high-end world of Asian technology and manufacturing with the cores and values of a Western European market leader.
We bring innovative technologies and insights into the world of horticulture, such as assimilation lighting, that aim for the highest yields as well as controllability and repeatability.

MechaTronix projects - strawberries and lettuce

Our History

MechaTronix was established in Taiwan in 2007.
From the beginning, they specialized in the LED lighting market and more specific in the thermal management and production of mechanical parts.
Knowledge was key from the very beginning, and that’s how they always outstood on the market.
Since that time, the company has shown strong annual growth in both revenue and is global customer base.

Our history goes back much further than this…
The first company of the 8 lakes group was instituted in 1970 in Belgium.
Over 50 years of experience, maturing and adapting has led us to where we stand today – a group of 150+ million USD turnover with a triple A rating and a 40% solvability.

MechaTronix headquarter

A Partner you can Trust

We believe financial health is a core value from which you will benefit in the long run.
Times are changing and the financial winds sometimes blow from unexpected corners.
One day, we may deal with superinflation, while others may offer the challenge of stagnation and near-zero interest rates.
Our AAA rating guarantees financial stability and the ability to weather unexpected storms or setbacks.
That's why you know you can depend on us in the long run, enabling you to confidently partner with us for now and in the future.

We live in a world of high stakes and - sometimes - even higher risks.
For your peace of mind, it's good to know we maintain a 2,5 Million EUR general liability insurance that will cover these risks and will enable us to - together with you - set things right when troubles would occur.

We still have our family mind and principles – although we are now with 14 companies and over 400 people, we still cherish our background.
Simple and logical thinking, honesty, interaction and speed make us unique among the bigger companies.

So to conclude, we are more than just a grow light manufacturer – we are a partner for you that goes all the way in striving for perfection in plant growth, with current and future technologies enabling new possibilities from which you and your plants can benefit.
We challenge you to go arm-in-arm with us on your horticulture grow light adventure and guarantee you a unique journey.