MechaTronix Grow Light

Horti LED Grow Lights – The Next Dimension

A dedicated team of specialists submerged themselves in the science of Horti cultural lighting, a world that, up to this day, has not yet revealed all its potential. The team translated the science into new and unprecedented technologies that created “The Next Dimension” in LED grow lights.

High power LED top light systems, ideal for SON-T replacement in greenhouses, were developed based on advanced heat pipe cooling technology.
Where other LED grow lights maintain their heat by simple passive cooling with aluminum or apply fans which reduce the potential life time, we have opted for this advanced cooling technology which generates a much longer life time. That is why our top lights come with a life time of 75.000 hours, double todays market standard.

CoolStack® cooling core heat-pipes & stack fins

▲ CoolStack® 

We have looked to the future to develop the grow light for today.
We are all aware that LED grow light technology will keep on maturing and optimizing for at least the next decade.
Light efficiency levels of today are already much higher than just two years ago thus we have developed our LED grow lights in a way that the LED engines can be replaced and upgraded over time.
Whenever it is time to shift to the next level of efficiency, we will upgrade you for just a fraction of the cost of replacing a complete installation.

We believe in advanced optical light distribution.
While most grow lights just use a cover over the LEDs or a reflector on them, we work with TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lenses.
This not only improves the PPFD on your plant canopy, but it also leads to much deeper crop penetration.
Especially with complex and high-wire crops, where the effects are immediately shown by a much higher light-to-plant contact surface, which results in an improved harvest.

As a result of all these new technology implementations, the CoolStack® and CoolGrow® Linear are now among the most appreciated LED grow lights in the market.

We believe that we have a mission to create more than just excellent grow lights that stand out in the market.
Technology can also create new dimensions where, through our grow lights, we can enable you with what we all dream about… a total insight in your grow process.
A substantial step in this direction is already made by our CoolControls® wireless Bluetooth mesh system.
At one side the CoolControls® gives you complete light controls and insight on your light schemes and what your plants have received in PPFD and DLI.
On the other side, the CoolControls® creates a complete digital network in your greenhouse or grow room, which enables you to do more than just light controls.
When you have 800 grow lights in your greenhouse, than we have 800 potential points of information.
In the near future through our digital network we will provide you with complete insights in temperature, humidity, CO₂ and all the variables which influence your grow process.

And that’s not where it stops…
MechaTronix will strive over the next years to bring more advanced technologies into the world of horticulture lighting, surpassing the goal of providing the ideal light for plant growth and creating the Next Dimension.