MechaTronix Grow Light

Horticulture LED Grow Lights

The Next dimension in LED Grow Lights is not just a slogan – it is a vision and a mission which leads to a new world of horticulture assimilation lighting.

We combine the world of high-end technology with the primary goals of growing better plants in a more rapid and controlled way.

As thus we have developed a comprehensive range of advanced LED grow lights for top lighting in indoor cultivation and greenhouses, interlighting for high wire crops, supplemental lighting for vertical greenhouse farming and top-notch vertical farming grow lights.

A wide score of plant trials both in research centers as private growing facilities has led us to an in-depth knowledge on what plants really need and how to achieve the results you expect as a grower. Our team of specialists works daily with growers and consultants all over the world to determine the ideal plant assimilation recipes for a variety of crops ranging from vegetables and soft fruits over ornamentals and leafy greens.

As a result MechaTronix has developed a wide range of proven growth recipes which focus on various aspects of photosynthesis and morphology, adapted to the crop and growth stage of the plants.

A lot of basic knowledge can be found on this web site under the sections of knowledge.
Still we advise you to go hand-in-hand with us on your plant grow light projects as knowledge is key. Besides growth spectra and light levels our experts will lead you through the world of light distribution, installation tips and finally the composition of your complete assimilation plan.

CoolStack® LED Top Light Greenhouse cultivation Passive cooled

  • Greenhouse Top Grow Light
  • Full passive advanced cooling
  • SON-T replacement, full LED or hybrid
  • 1.048 watt up to 3.680µmol/s
  • 680 watt up to 2.390µmol/s
  • Placed directly under the trellis
  • Upgradable LED engines
  • 75.000hrs - 10 years warranty

CoolGrow ® Linear - LED grow light bar Vertical Farming

  • Vertical Farming Grow Lighting bar
  • Multi-layer cultivation
  • Up to 180µmol/s PPF light output per bar
  • Controllable light output to match cultivation stage
  • Both vertical and horizontal light setup
  • IP 66 dust and water proof
  • 50.000hrs - 5 years warranty