First bell peppers lighting test Hoogstraten already harvested

22 January 2020

For the second year in a row, Proefcentrum Hoogstraten is executing tests with lighting for bell peppers. This season, harvest was extra early, last Wednesday January 8 to be precise. Roel Vanderbruggen, manager at the test center: "Normally, the first harvest is in March or April."

Horti LED grow light

Wednesday, Roel proudly shared a picture of two crates of bell peppers.Wednesday, Roel proudly shared a picture of two crates of bell peppers.

The product, not in mass quantity because the test 'only takes up 350 square meters', meets all the normal quality standards.

Despite the eartly harvest, the research into the right light spectrum, the right light intensity and duration of lighting still continues. The harvested bell peppers of the Sardinero variety, planted on 22 October last year, have been lighted with different LED light intensity with MechaTronix lamps.

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