Koen Vangorp, Mechatronix: "Looking to open our North American operations early next year"

Montag, 2. Oktober 2023

As Mechatronix gears up to launch its North American operations in January, its participation in the Canadian Greenhouse Conference represents a small yet significant step towards entering this market. According to Koen Vangorp, the company's CEO, they anticipate achieving DLC certification for their lamps by November. "This certification is set to open doors in North America, where the demand for fully flexible lighting solutions is growing, as it empowers growers to grow at optimum efficiency and at the lowest operational cost, even in the face of rising energy expenses."

Horti LED grow light

As Mechatronix makes its debut at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, held this week in Niagara Falls, Canada, its team is abuzz with preparations. However, their efforts extend beyond the trade show. The company is establishing its North American presence, slated to open early next year, complete with offices, a production facility, and a maintenance and service center. All in Leamington, the heart of the Canadian greenhouse industry, but also serving the complete Canadian and American market.

MechaTronix team@VertiFarm

Meeting the Demand for Flexibility

Canadian and American growers alike are eager to enhance the flexibility of their lighting systems, according to Koen. Mechatronix's three-channel, 1250-watt fixtures provide the sought-after versatility, which is in high demand. "Growers want the capability to seamlessly transition between different crop varieties with varying light requirements." Furthermore, these flexible solutions accommodate ongoing research into the impact of far-red light on different cultivars. Koen noted, "With our flexible solution, growers can adapt their settings based on the latest insights into best practices for their crops."

Safeguarding Operational Efficiency

In a rapidly expanding North American market with intensifying competition, cost-effectiveness is paramount. While subsidies can help lower initial investment costs, operational expenses, notably energy costs, are a critical consideration. Energy prices vary significantly across the United States, and although they are relatively low in Canada, upward trends are expected. Koen emphasized, "Minimizing operational costs, including energy expenditures, is crucial today and will become even more vital in the future."

DLC Certification

Mechatronix is diligently pursuing DLC (DesignLights Consortium) certification for its fixtures, an essential credential in the horticultural market. "We are in the process of certifying all our two and three-channel fixtures. We believe these full LED solutions will empower growers to maximize their cultivation efforts, both now and in the future."

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