Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

CoolPack® LED Top Light Greenhouse & Grow Room Water cooled

The CoolPack® is a state-of-the-art high precision LED grow light for top lighting applications in greenhouses and grow rooms. With a market leading output up to 1.950µmol/s it is the ideal LED grow light alternative for HPS SON-T lamps.Foreseen from our advanced water cooling system the CoolPack® delivers a unique zero-impact energy system on the climate.

CoolPack® LED grow light

The CoolPack® is composed out of 4 individual CoolGrow horti LED engines, each under its individual optic TIR lens.
By altering the lenses the light distribution can exactly be adapted to give the best fit for your greenhouse or grow room conditions.
The lenses are available in beam angles of 60 degrees, 75 degrees, 90 degrees, 105 degrees and 120 degrees, with specific beam shapes like batwing technology and high-technology features like anti-glare option which creates a higher level of comfort while working under the grow lights.

Your inputs with regards to the grow room practical setup in combination with the required PPFD light levels and spectrum is translated by our engineers to the ideal setup in a light simulation plan.
By achieving a good distributed light level over the crops with a beam as narrow as possible, you don’t only achieve a higher PPFD level from the same lamps, but also gain tremendous on crop penetration rate.

LED Grow Light Optical simulation

11 validated growth spectra ensure the right light composition for your crop and growth stage.
We combine both narrow band spectra of LED grow emitters with broadband spectra to create a maximal trade-of on efficacy in combination with a good workable visual spectrum for the people.
All details about our spectra you find here.

Although LED grow lights have a much higher efficacy than HPS SON-T lamps or Metal-Halide lamps, there is still a big portion of the energy going to heat.
In general between 45% and 55% of the electrical power is converted to heat while the rest goes to light photons.
That generated heat is in some projects like controlled environment rooms not desirable and can lead to higher costs for climate controls.
Therefore the CoolPack® is foreseen from our patented water cooling system.
At one side this leads to a fabulous life time of 75.000 hours, at the other side this cooling system also opens other opportunities with regards to energy optimization in grow environments.
When you keep in mind that still roughly 50% of the energy of LED grow lights is wasted in heat, than you can imagine that we can use this energy to heat up the water of the cooling system.
And as we see a lot of greenhouses and grow rooms using heated water pipes to steer the plants, this heated water by the grow lights can be used to add to the water pipe system, saving a tremendous amount of energy.

The CoolPack® is also the first grow light system designed from a point of view of sustainability.
A lot will happen in the next 75.000 hours you deploy our CoolPack® in your greenhouse or grow room – and one thing is for sure, the efficacy of the LEDs will keep on raising over that time while the prices will reduce.
That’s why we made the system upgradable by just changing the LED engines – in this way you can upgrade your system over time to the next level of efficacy for just a fraction of the cost!

Sea Of Green (SOG) and Dual Drive

When you grow your vegetative phase and flowering in the same room without moving your plants, the CoolFin® is for sure the way to go.
Foreseen from 2 individual drivers this grow light allows you to generate the exact spectrum for vegetative growth and flowering, together with the needed PPFD levels, from a single luminaire.
More about SOG you can find here.



  • Absolute market leading
    PPF 1.950µmol/s
  • Highest photon efficiency
    2.7µmol/J - 3.1µmol/J
  • 11 leading growth spectra
    with highest yields
  • Deepest canopy penetration rate


  • Freedom in growth
    spectrum composition
  • Upgradable over time
  • Unique light distribution
    with TIR lenses adaptable
    to your canopy


  • Extreme lifetime 75.000hrs - L90
  • 5 years warranty
  • Best thermal management
  • Full IP67 waterproof
CoolPack® LED Top Light
Light SourceCoolGrow® I LED
PPFUp to 1.950 µmol/s
Input Power600W - 635W spectrum depending
Efficacy2.7 µmol/J - 3.1 µmol/J
Input Voltage90-305 Vac or 249-528 Vac
Fixture DimensionsW103 x L680 x H142.09 (mm)
Weight8.000 gr
Thermal ManagementAdvanced water cooling
Dimming0 -10V, PWM, DALI, BLO Bluetooth, Synapse Wi-Fi or LAN
Light DistributionAdvanced TIR - 60˚, 80˚, 90˚, 105˚, 120˚
Lifetime75.000 hrs - L90
Power Factor>95%
Warranty5 years standard
Extended warranty 25.000 burning hours or 10 years whichever comes first if equipped with CoolControls® only