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CoolGrow ® Linear - LED grow light bar Vertical Farming

The CoolGrow® Linear LED grow light offers a unique platform for single and multi-layer crop cultivation plant factories.
Where in traditional light setups many times a big part of the produced light isn’t used in an effectiveway, with the CoolGrow® Linear everything becomes just that little more effective what makes the difference at the end.

CoolGrow® Linear

By positioning the LED grow light bars as close as possible towards the crops, all the produced light is steered in the crop in the most effective way.
Also the generated heat, although less present than in other grow light technologies, will in this way make a positive contribution to the stomatal opening and plant activation.

The light intensity on the plant canopy can be determined by the distance to the crop, the number of light bars on the surface as well as by light output controls on the lamps itself.
In this way you can optimize the PPFD needed light level on the crop to the growth stage of the plants.

The CoolGrow® Linear can be installed in a horizontal setup with each lamp parallel to each other and bridged by a cable as in most tradition grow light setups, but can also be directly interconnected to each other to generate a long line of light in the grow rack installations. This last method saves a lot ofcabling and delivers an overall more neat installation over the canopy.

Because we can’t explain all potential cultivars and crop stages in this brochure, we limit ourselves here on potential setups for leafy greens and salads, medicinal cannabis vegetative growth and flowering and multi-layer strawberry cultivation techniques.
Of course the potential of the CoolGrow® Linear goes much wider than these, so would you have specific cultivation requests just let us know and our plant lighting experts will be pleased to advise you.



  • Market leading light efficacy
    up to 3.0µmol/J
  • Up to 180µmol/s PPF light
    output per bar
  • Flexible light recipes for
    optimal crop results


  • Controllable light output
    to match cultivation stage
  • Unique light distribution
  • Both vertical and horizontal
    light setup


  • Extreme life time 50.000hrs – L90
  • 5 years warranty
  • IP 66 dust and water proof
  • High quality and sustainable materials
CoolGrow ® Linear
Light SourceCoolGrow® LED
PPFCoolGrow® Linear 40 - up to 120µmol/s
CoolGrow® Linear 60 - up to 180µmol/s
Input PowerCoolGrow® Linear 40 - 40 watt
CoolGrow® Linear 60 - 60 watt
Efficacy2.5 µmol/J - 3 µmol/J
Input Voltage90-305 Vac or 249-528 Vac
Fixture DimensionsL1180 x W55 x H77 (mm) - L 3.9' x W2.15" x H3"
Weight2250 gr
Dimming0-10V, PWM, DALI, CoolControls® BLO wireless
Light Distribution120˚
Lifetime50.000 hrs - L90
Power Factor>95%
Warranty5 year

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